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Membership Renewals

Hello everyone,

Membership renewal forms have sent out to all members. Please renew promptly; there are no increases in membership rates this year.
New Data Protection legislation will be introduced in 2018 so the 2018 membership form includes your specific approval for us to keep your personal details; we take data protection seriously and can assure you that any details provided to us and kept by us are kept secure.
I would also ask that those of you who are flyers (PPLs, Group members or students) complete the boxes on the form for your expiry dates of your medical and licence. It remains your responsibility to ensure that your licence or medical are current but if you provide us with the requested details we can assist you by reminding you before these expire. Remember if you are not flying legally (e.g. your certificate of experience or medical is out of date) then the aircraft insurance is invalid!
On the reverse of the membership form you will find a reminder of the requirements to revalidate your licence – if you fail to revalidate before the expiry then you will be required to undergo a skill test to renew your licence!


If you have not received a form, please contact one of our operations staff.


Up-Coming Events

If you are ever stuck for gift ideas, why not buy someone a gift voucher for a Flight Experience or, the could put it towards their flying lessons :-)

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